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BMJ中国区诚聘:(Senior) Assistant Editor, BMJ Open /(高级)助理编辑, BMJ Open

BMJ, a global healthcare knowledge provider with a long established reputation, is expanding our business in China and looking for  a clinical or editorial professional to fill the position below:

Position: (Senior) Assistant Editor, BMJ Open  
招聘职位:(高级)助理编辑,BMJ Open

Location:Beijing (Yansha Business Area, Chaoyang District) 

Purpose of the Position / 职位目标:
To handle medical manuscripts submitted to BMJ Open through peer review and provide input on journal development, processes, and policies (80% of the time), and support the development and delivery of the journal’s development plan (outreach, education, impact) in China (20% of time).
处理投稿到 BMJ Open(下称“期刊”)的医学稿件及其同行评审过程,并为期刊的发展、 流程及政策提供建议(80%工作时间);为期刊的中国发展计划的制定和实施提供支持 (包括对外交流、教育培训、影响力提升)(20%工作时间)。

Key Tasks / 主要职责:
With a direct reporting line for editorial work with the journal’s Editor in Chief in the UK, and a dotted line for local HR administration and the journal's regional development with the company’s Managing Director in China, the post will focus on the following tasks:

- Assessing submitted manuscripts against the journal’s aims and scope for suitability for peer review and rejecting unsuitable submissions 
- Making post-peer review editorial decisions on whether to publish reviewed submissions, seeking second opinions from senior editors when necessary 
  对经同行评审的稿件进行编辑决策(发表与否),在需要时寻求高级编辑的建 议
- Handling publication/research ethics concerns
- Occasionally sourcing appropriate peer reviewers 
- Working with the rest of the editorial team to ensure journal processes are as user-friendly and efficient as possible 
- Ensuring the journal’s editorial policies are up-to-date
- Providing contributions to the journal blog and social media accounts
- Attendance at medical and publishing events in China for outreach and market intelligence gathering 
- Working with the Editor in Chief to design and deliver author education activities at top Chinese institutions 
- Working with the China journal publishing team to develop and deliver journal development plan

Qualifications and Experience / 资历和经验:
- Postgraduate qualification, preferably at doctorate level and/or a medical degree
- Experience in conducting research in health related sciences, especially in clinical medicine (e.g. public health, pharmacy, epidemiology,health statistics) (desirable)
- Study or research experience abroad
- Editorial experience with international STM journals in handling manuscripts and of peer review processes (desirable)
- Experience giving lectures or presentations at international level
- Demonstrable understanding of openaccess
- High standard of written English required to communicate effectively and professionally with reviewers and authors

About BMJ Open / BMJ Open 简介:

As one of the biggest open access journals in general medicine, BMJ Open is an important member of BMJ journal family which is made up by 70+ journals.
作为全球最大的开放获取综合医学期刊之一,BMJ Open 是 BMJ 出版的 70 余本期刊中的重要一员。

BMJ Open is an online, open access journal. It publishes medical research from all disciplines and therapeutic areas across all research study types, from protocols through phase I trials to meta-analyses, including small, specialist studies, and negative studies. Publishing procedures are built around fully open peer review and continuous publication, and aim to promote transparency in the publication process by publishing reviewer reports and previous versions of manuscripts as pre-publication histories.
BMJ Open 以完全开放获取模式在线出版。它欢迎各个学科和治疗领域的医学研究,并发表所有文章类型,从研究方案到一期临床试验,再到荟萃分析;研究类型上也考虑小型研究、专科研究及阴性结果临床试验。BMJ Open 的出版流程基于全透明的开放同行评审以及连续出版模式,并将审稿意见与稿件所有版本作为出版历史同文章的最终版本一同发表,旨在提高同行评审透明度。

For more information about BMJ Open, please visit its homepage
欢迎登录 BMJ Open 主页了解更多信息:bmjopen.bmj.com

How to apply / 如何申请:

For applications or inquiries, please contact Mr Tao via email btao@bmj.com before 30th April 2020. Please quote the job title in your email subject, and submit a CV in both English and Chinese in your application email.